Voice Over Resume


Heart Fragment - HF Gaming

Voice of Natalia

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My Sweet Confession

Voice of Ichika

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Hero.Exe - Mystery Egg Games

Voice of Hoodi.boi and Lovely.LDY

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I'm Oh, So Busy - The Berry Guild

Voice of Eriko Honda-Hertz



GrndsBreaking Podcast

Various Commercials

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iDad (Voice of Jimmy and mom)


Super Me - Papayoya

Voice of Lindsey Palmer/Narrator 



Dark- The Series - Alizarin

Voice of Aiyana the Prankster Princess

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Never Walk Alone - TreeHouse Interactive

Voice of Rigg Alvarez (Right)

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Other Projects


Video Games

  • Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier DLC- Sue the Server
  • Secrets Untold  (LegendEx Games)- Extras
  • Danganronpa: New World Order - Nataliya
  • MHA Beyond- The Fan Game- Toga Himiko

Visual Novels 

  • How I Paid for College (Michael Scott Cannon)- Shiho Tsutsui
  • War Doesn’t Start with Reason (Katsuo Fujiwara) - Sarah Iwakiri
  • The Property of Hate (James Dijit) - “Hero” 
  • Spooky Dating Sim (Quantablos) - Athanasia, Vampire Noble
  • DR Hushed Whispers (Joshua Waters & Minh Ton) - Sachiko, SHSL Exorcist 

Audio Books 

  • Pack Street - The Audio Series - Avo
  • Valerie's Rest (Plogeny Tales)- Emiko
  • Control (Hiker Angel) - Narrator & Voices
  • Devotion: Prosperity and Comfort (Cross) - Shannon



  • Ruby and and Jill - Ruby the Ghost
  • Lawrence Marks - Erika the Bully