2019 Character Demo Reel

Written and edited by Cross Paw Games

---NEW 2020 Demo COMING SOON---


My name is Amanda

I began voice acting in August of 2017. I'm currently 25 and working in education in British Columbia, Canada. In my off time I can be found trying my hardest to get in to the world of professional voice over. 

My goal is to become something akin to the next Tara Strong, as she is my idol in the VO World. 


An individual with a large range of voices, from mid-low, to high such as: Male (under 13 yrs), Female child, Young Adult, caring Motherly tones, Natural rumble in low pitched voices

Voice accents in American-English, Canadian-English, UK-English, Boston English, Irish, and Southern. 

Fluent in English. Basic conversational Japanese. 

Extroverted and excellent at communication. Fast response times and professional demeanor. 

If you are seeking to cast me for your project, please send me an email and I will reply to you as quickly as I can.